Volunteering Opportunities

Worcester Green Party

We have some exciting opportunities coming up. Some of them are real chances to build your own personal skills that, who knows, may one day also help you in other parts of your life.

Ahead of the AGM in July please scroll through all possibilities to see which roles fit you best: (some of these positions are needed now and we will fill them by co-opting prior to the AGM)

Each of the following roles is also available as a deputy or as a job share.

PRESS OFFICER - This role will proactively manage the process of getting our message into print, radio and TV, working closely with the Social Media Officer as needed. We have the support of an external company that is prepared to help train the lucky person selected.

EVENTS OFFICER - Works with others to put on interesting events that create a social element to the local party as well as a gateway to welcome new members.

MEMBERSHIP OFFICER - Welcomes new members and is a driver in increasing the number of members and activists.

TREASURER - Controls the finances of the local party, and makes quarterly returns to the Green Party of England &Wales.

ELECTION AGENT - Organises paperwork to allow people to stand for election and has a strategic role in creating election plans.

COORDINATOR – Chairs our monthly business meeting and coordinates with other officers to achieve the local party goals.

SOCIAL MEDIA - Publicises information about Green Party activities within Worcester using social media to increase party membership and support our election campaigns.

MINUTES SECRETARY - Takes minutes of meetings, sends draft minutes for approval to the coordinator (and deputy if any). Sends final minutes to co-ordinator for distribution with agenda for next meeting

GDPR - Ensures that personal data stored by WGP is held in accordance with the GDPR and is the primary contact for data queries.

SAFEGUARDING - Has oversight of all the local party activities to ensure effective safeguarding of all children and vulnerable adults.

WEBSITE - Sets up and maintains the Worcester Green Party website.

PROSPECTIVE PARLIAMENTARY CANDIDATE – To represent the Green Party at the next General Election.

In addition to the above-elected positions, there are always opportunities to be involved in all aspects of our work; from data entry to leaflet delivery, from newsletter design to knocking on doors there's something to suit all ages and aptitudes.

We are especially keen to receive applications from currently under-represented groups. If you want more information, want to apply for a role or simply to chat through the possibilities please contact our current coordinator Nick Weeks, chair@worcester.greenparty.org.uk.