In Worcester we have an incredible opportunity and we need you to help seize it!

We had a huge Green surge in the May 2023 Worcester City Council elections and this was followed up in October with by-election wins in the city and the county. City boundary changes in Worcester present some new opportunities for Green wins in 2024.

As Labour moves to the right and the Conservative vote implodes, people on the doorstep are telling us that they will be voting Green next time around.

We are aiming to win outright control of Worcester City Council in the all-out elections in May 2024 and become only the second ever Green district council. With your support we can do it. But we need two things, time and money.

We need another £10,000 for the campaigns to pay for election literature, materials, support staff and events. So we are asking 100 people to give £100 by joining The 100 Club. Everyone in the 100 Club will get regular campaign updates by WhatsApp and / or a supporter's newsletter.

Would you be prepared to be one of 100 people that gives £100 to get a Green led city council in Worcester?

We are looking for people to make our election machine work. There are lots of roles we need to fill from being a target candidate, a non target candidate, campaign managers, leaflet design, data entry, co-ordinating leaflet deliveries or helping us to knock on doors in our target wards to get our message across on the door step. Would you like to help us make history? Please email us to talk about how we can best use your skills.