Local Manifesto

This manifesto focuses on things that elected Greens on Worcester City
Council are working hard to influence and deliver, giving examples of our recent
achievements and future priorities.

Who runs Worcester City Council?
Worcester City Council has mainly been in no overall control since the first Green was
elected in 2012, with 35 councillors split between three or four political groups.
Since then, the Greens have steadily increased their numbers and are now the
second largest group. The Greens favour the more democratic committee system of
running the council and helped bring it about in 2018.
In May 2023, joint leaders of the council were elected, one from the Green group –
Marjory Bisset – and one from the Labour group.

Greens do politics differently
The leaders of the Greens on the city council, first Louis
Stephen then Marjory Bisset, have encouraged a better
culture of collaborative working, listening, and treating
people with kindness and respect.
With more Green councillors elected, we have made
much more progress. For example, the city will have realtime
air pollution monitors thanks to the perseverance of
the Greens.

Greens are needed, now more than ever

These are difficult times, due to climate change, the inequality scandal and the years of
chronic underfunding of public services by the Government. Our city needs councillors
who bring hope with solutions and who listen to residents. Greens are ethical,
responsible and kind and will help local communities through actions not just words.


For each of the six themes below we outline:
GREEN VISION What we are aiming for overall
GREEN PRIORITIES What we will aim to do in the next four years
GREEN ACTION What we have already done

You can view the six different areas by clicking on the links below, or you can view the full manifesto.