Any help you give us, from a regular donation to work on the doorstep, will make a real difference to getting more Greens elected in Worcester, where we can create a fairer, cleaner, more affordable future for everyone.

Without the funds provided by big business for the political elite, the Green Party relies on its members and supporters to get our message across. The more members and supporters we have, the more the Green message is heard and the greater our impact.

What can you do?


Every donation means we can do more to win votes and elect Green councillors.

More Green Councillors will better support local residents and campaign on issues that matter to our members and supporters.

Please give what you can:

£10 will provide canvassing packs for a team of doorknockers.

£20 will pay for letters to voters in several streets.

£150 will pay for a leaflet for a whole ward.

Click on the jigsaw to donate online

It costs about £1,000 to win a Council seat. Donate today for the Environment, Social Justice and a more sustainable city.