They are playing politics instead of representing you

Celebrating success at 2022 elections

After last week’s elections Worcester City Council is in no overall control (NOC), with the Conservatives on 15, Labour 12, Green six and Lib Dems two. No party has enough councillors to take control of the council. Worcester City Council operates under a committee system, which means that decisions are made by councillors not by council leaders, and yet Labour and the Conservatives are arguing over who gets the title of Leader of Worcester City Council.

Who gets to have the title of Leader means very little to the Green Party but appears to mean a great deal to the Conservatives and Labour. Our solution is simple - we’ve asked them to work together.

We’re looking at changing the council rules to force them to cooperate and do what’s in our constituents’ best interest. That means you, me and our neighbours.

What we care about, as Green Party councillors, is making sure the Council functions for its primary purpose. That purpose is delivering the care, support and services that make a difference to your lives.

On Tuesday, Worcester City Council will vote on having two joint leaders, which would mean that the Conservatives and Labour could work together without one party feeling disappointed at being the junior partner and only getting the title of deputy leader.

We’re hoping that the parties will act in your best interest and agree to have joint leaders. But, if on Tuesday, they are unwilling to put you and your neighbours above their party politics, we may be left with a council based on minority leadership.

That means a council that will struggle to fulfil your needs.

The solution we’re presenting is as fair as we can make it. Our only goal is to deliver on the promises we have made, and the trust that your votes represent.

We call on both parties to prioritise you, your families and the change that we can make to your lives as a functioning council.