Councillor Matthew Jenkins: County councillor for St Stephen

Councillor Matthew Jenkins

Matthew lives in Worcester with his wife Barbara and has two boys, Harrison and Anton. He has been running his own business since 2007, having previously worked at Kays. He is currently a County Councillor representing the St. Stephen division.

Matthew is a trustee of Worcester CAB and a trustee at Duckworth Worcestershire Trust. He is also a member of Transition Worcester, with a particular interest in reducing fuel poverty through better energy efficiency measures such as home insulation.

For both economic and environmental reasons, we should support local businesses and local jobs, as well as use local resources as much as possible. Council decisions should be based on long-term thinking, rather than short-term political gain.

Matthew believes in giving the local community a far greater say in decisions made by the council, keeping them informed regularly throughout the year. It is only by talking to residents and understanding the issues that concern them that we can reach workable solutions. There is a great opportunity to help local communities work together to improve the area they live in.


  • Adult Care and Wellbeing
  • Children and Families
  • Audit and Governance Committee
  • Corporate Parenting Board
  • Standing Advisory Council on Religious Education
  • Waste Credit Governance Committee

Other appointments

  • Worcester Citizens Advice Trustee
  • Duckworth Worcestershire Trust Trustee
  • Worcester Canal Group (Secretary)