Elena Round - St Peter's Ward

Elena Round - St Peters Ward

My husband and I have three children, one of whom has significant learning difficulties and complex physical needs. It took years of hard work and determination to get the county council to provide the essential support and care that our son desperately needed.  I now support other parents who just want the best for their children.

Before moving to Worcester I was a parish councillor and found great satisfaction in serving my local area and using my professional training as a solicitor and experience of being a small business owner to get things done. My term as a councillor taught me the critical importance of listening to people and striving to represent them.

St Peter’s is already a wonderful place to live, but it will only remain so through effective representation at the council. New challenges are developing that will need clear leadership and a detailed understanding of residents’ views. I want to use my experience to ensure that St Peter’s continues to be a fantastic place to live for years to come.


  • Policy & Resources
  • Health & Wellbeing (chair)