Alex and Neil help celebrate Worcester Pitchcroft Parkrun’s 7th birthday

Worcester has two Parkruns: the original Worcester Parkrun, up at Worcester Woods Country Park and Worcester Pitchcroft on the racecourse, alongside the River Severn. There’s also the new Junior Parkrun on Digilis Fields. Parkrun is a free, weekly 5k run (or walk) put on by volunteers at 9am every Saturday, and there are hundreds now across the UK and many more around the world. Junior Parkrun is on Sundays, and is over a 2k distance.

This week marked the 7th anniversary for Worcester Pitchcroft Parkrun, and St Stephen Green councillors Alex Mace and Neil Laurenson took park to help celebrate. For Alex, it was his 118th run at this Parkrun, while Neil completed his 95th finish on the Pitchcroft Parkrun.

Alex said “I usually come with the whole family: my wife Katie, and my two children Henry and Laurie. It’s a great excuse to get out of the house on Saturday morning, and Pitchcroft is a lovely place to run around, alongside the River Severn”. Neil added “There is loads of evidence that just 30 minutes of light exercise a week improves mood, mental health and physical wellbeing; you don’t have to be a runner to take part, you can walk, run or a bit of both. Whatever works for you over 5k. Thank you to all the volunteers who help put on all the Parkruns across the city, but particularly Pitchcroft this week. Congratulations on 7 years!”