Former Worcester Mayor joins Honeywell Primary School’s ‘Bike Bus’

The former Mayor of Worcester got pedaling as he joined primary school students on their ‘Bike Bus’ earlier this month.

On Wednesday, May 8, Councillor Louis Stephen joined Honeywell Primary School’s ‘Bike Bus,’ a scheme that sees pupils ride their bikes to school on a carefully planned route every Wednesday.

The Worcester school, part of the Mercian Educational Trust, has experienced an upsurge in the popularity of the scheme among parents and students.

The initiative champions a healthy and sustainable commute to school, aiming to replace car rides with cycle rides.

Bike Worcester, the community group behind the scheme, is campaigning to inspiring and encourage pupils and parents to cycle, and educating them about safety measures to consider while on their bikes.

The organisation works to promote cycling in the city, educate residents on cycling, advocates for better cycling infrastructure and run other programs to make the activity safe and accessible.

Apart from encouraging an active lifestyle, the initiative also reduces traffic and promotes environmental consciousness among families.

The school adopted the initiative earlier this year.

Volunteers ensure that students ride their bikes in formation and are safe from vehicular traffic.

Andrew Morley, the school’s headteacher, said: “We all love to hear the buzz of excitement as the Bike Bus arrives at Honeywell each Wednesday.

“Our children love riding their bikes to school and the Bike Bus enables even the youngest of them to cycle safely – starting the day off in a healthy and sustainable way.

“It has been wonderful to work in partnership with Bike Worcester on this fantastic initiative.”