Lansdowne Park Seesaw Swings Back into Action Thanks to Local Councillors!

Local families in Lansdowne Park have been rejoicing as a beloved seesaw has been brought back to life after years of being out of action. Previously surrounded by Heras fencing, the metal seesaw has been repaired and is now ready for playful adventures.

This successful outcome is thanks to the dedicated efforts of Arboretum Ward Councillors, Karen Lewing and Hannah Cooper. Recognising the importance of this play equipment for the community, particularly younger children, they worked tirelessly to ensure its return.

“We heard feedback from residents about the seesaw being out of use for a long time, and we knew families would be eager to see it back in action,” says Cllr Karen Lewing. “We’re delighted to see the repairs completed and the happy faces of children enjoying the seesaw again.”

Cllr Hannah Cooper echoed this sentiment, adding, “Playgrounds are vital community spaces, and we are committed to ensuring they are safe and accessible for all residents. The return of the seesaw is a positive step towards achieving this goal.”

Residents of Arboretum Ward are now encouraged to visit Lansdowne Park and rediscover the joy of the revitalised seesaw. This success story demonstrates the power of local representation and the responsiveness of our elected officials in ensuring the well-being of the community.