Mayor has a TOP morning

It was a pleasure to be invited to the TOP Networking Worcester City group meeting at Kingsway House on Forgate Street on Friday 22nd March. The energy in the room was palpable! Nearly 40 local businesses, representing a wonderful cross-section of Worcester’s economy, filled the room. I heard from an accountant, a photographer, an estate agent, a celebrant, an HR advisor, a mortgage advisor, a dance school owner and a copywriter to name but a few, the diversity of talent was truly impressive. It was inspiring to hear each business owner share their passion and dedication to serving our city. I remarked during the session that networking events are so vital because you are buying from a person not just from a business.

The breakfast itself, hosted by Sue Johns at Kingsway House- or as she so warmly called it, “her gaff” -was delicious and provided a relaxed atmosphere for further networking. It was a fantastic opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the many moving parts that keep Worcester’s business community thriving. A big thank you to Richard Frazer for extending the invitation to visit and Sue for her hospitality. Events like this serve as a powerful reminder of the remarkable pool of talent and entrepreneurial spirit that Worcester boasts.