Green Party Deputy Leader visits Worcester Floods

In the wake of recent flooding across Worcester, Zack Polanski, Deputy Leader of the Green Party, visited the city this weekend to hear first-hand from city councillors and campaigners grappling with the devastating impact of the third flood since October.

Polanski met with councillors and community activists such as Jon Bodenham, a Cathedral Community Campaigner and Diglis resident, who highlighted the closure of the major active travel route along the River Severn. ‘This key path for pedestrians and cyclists has been cut off due to the floods, severely disrupting commutes and daily life.’ It also causes a huge amount of work in the clean-up operation.

Cllr. Hannah Cooper, Vice-Chair of Place and Economic Development Committee, informed Mr. Polanski of the city council's grant programme for flood-affected businesses. However, the sheer volume of applications – both from the current floods and the previous rounds – is a clear indication of the frequency and severity of these events.

“The climate crisis is literally right here on people's doorsteps,” stated Polanski. “The repeated flooding in Worcester serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for decisive action. We need to invest in climate-resilient infrastructure and embrace sustainable practices, not just react to floods after they happen."

Speaking on Copenhagen Street, Zack Polanski emphasised the importance of electing more Green Party representatives in the local elections on Thursday 2nd May. "With more Green councillors, we can ensure that Worcester prioritises environmental protection and builds a city that is both resilient and prepared for the challenges of a changing climate," he concluded.

The Green Party calls on:

  • The Worcester City Council to invest in long-term solutions to reduce the impacts of future flooding including improving drainage and increased green infrastructure.
  • A commitment to tackling the root cause of the problem – climate change – through ambitious emissions reduction targets and investment in renewable energy.