Share your views on anti-social behaviour regulations before deadline

Residents have less than two weeks to make Worcester City Council aware of their views on the review of powers to combat anti-social behaviour in the city.

The council is currently conducting a review of its Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs), which serve to defend the public from behaviours that could damage their quality of life.

Residents have until November 27 to give their thoughts in the review.

PSPOs, revised every three years, address various issues within the city including dogs, alcohol, and potential disruptive activities in the city centre.

Currently there's an alcohol PSPO, which empowers police to act if individuals cause nuisance with the substance within the city centre, Blackpole Industrial Estate, Gheluvelt Park, Shap Drive, Brickfields Playing Fields, and Rose Avenue.

Likewise, a PSPO enforced in the city centre deals with three types of potential anti-social behaviour: aggressive begging, dangerous skateboarding and cycling, and deliberate gull feeding.

The intention is not to penalise rough sleepers but to persuade them to engage with supportive services, and also targets individuals posing as rough sleepers to profit.

Dangerous skateboarding and cycling includes excessive speed or recklessness that may risk injury to others.

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