Worcester Green Party councillors call for immediate ceasefire in Gaza

Worcester Green Party’s local councillors support the call for an immediate ceasefire in Gaza.

Following the statement from the Green Party of England and Wales that called for the end of the siege and blockade of Gaza, councillors from across the UK have been calling for unity across the political spectrum in demanding the government support an immediate peaceful resolution.

Their statement reads: “We completely condemn the violent and illegal siege that is currently being carried out by Israeli forces in Gaza. The bombing and blockading of a civilian population is sowing further division and hatred and will lead to escalation of this conflict. We empathise with the people of Gaza who are being denied their basic necessities while also being forcibly removed from their homes.

We also condemn the violent actions of Hamas; the killings and kidnappings that they orchestrated on the 7th of October were horrific, but these events should not be utilised as a reason to commit collective punishment against the people of Gaza.

Only an immediate ceasefire and the pursuit of a two-state solution will bring an end to the needless loss of civilian life that is occurring every single day in the region. We implore the UK government to officially call for an immediate ceasefire to halt the needless death and destruction which is currently engulfing Gaza city and surrounding areas.

Furthermore, we condemn islamophobia, antisemitism and all other forms of racism that are being propagated by those looking to divide our communities and who are seeking to dismantle any hope for a peaceful settlement.

We support all peaceful protests across the UK and encourage those who wish to see a ceasefire to join us in calling for one.

The Conservative government and the international community have a moral obligation to put pressure on the Israeli government to find a peaceful solution to this conflict.”

Marjory Bisset, Steve Cockeram, Katie Collier, Hannah Cooper, Andrew Cross, Matthew Jenkins, Karen Lewing, Neil Laurenson, Tom Piotrowski, Tor Pingree, Elena Round and Louis Stephen all support this statement.