20mph Petition

20mph petition

Lots of people say that a city wide 20mph speed limit on residential side streets would encourage more people to walk and cycle, what do you think?

If you want your Councillors to take action then sign up to this petition today.

3 thoughts on “20mph Petition

  1. When I was living in America I was aware of the 20 miles per hour near schools. In the UK where I live, at the back of my property there is a lane which is used by some drivers as a ‘rat run’, meaning a quick way through and some drivers increase their speed.

    Leaving my back gate with a dog, pram, bicycle, etc is dangerous as the footpath is very narrow and I first need to listen for traffic before I leave my courtyard and gate onto the narrow footpath. Even opening my parked car door onto the lane is dangerous because of speeding traffic. It is even more dangerous when fastening my dog into his safety harness and / or fitting my grandson into his baby car seat as approaching car drivers become extremely impatient which makes me feel very anxious.

  2. I would like Worcester streets to be walker friendly especially to those people who are disabled but still need to exercise and have access to seats or benches to sit on when they need to rest between walking. There are so many older and young residents who have mobility needs but want to enjoy a little exercise to help them gain mobility or recuperate after surgery but can’t rest between walking sessions.
    There are not even seats provided at all bus stops so I, and others like me can’t always get in or out of the city to socialise, shop or visit the Cathedral to worship.
    I am forced to sit on walls when I am too tired to walk on further. Lower speed limits help me and others who can’t cross roads quickly.

  3. There are many ‘rat runs’ in Worcester backstreets used as a way to cheat the traffic lights! Lower Wylds Lane, Fort Royal Hill and Park Street are used this way and TBH should be made resident only routes. In these locations with a direct route from Firt Royal Park direct onto lower Wylds Lane and onto Fort Royal Hill, 20 mph is far too fast, 5 / 10mph more suitable.

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